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Life purpose with crypto? Daniel Swid,Lykke Blue

What happens when we start representing the foundations of our economy and wellbeing— natural capital—with a constellation of cryptocurrencies? Learn about an emerging asset class where proof-of-work is framed as ecosystem services such as the planting of mangrove trees that sequester carbon, protecting rainforest for endangered tigers, and regenerating maring habitat for fishery stewardship and food security. Join the conversation and imagine what is possible when currencies are driven by an ecological purpose.

About Daniel Swid

Daniel has contributed towards the foundational success of 5 startups in Silicon Valley, Israel, and Asia Pacific through sensible applications of technology and a feel good approach to agile engineering. At VMware, he founded the prototyping discipline within R&D User Experience. Today, he is working at the intersection of ecosystem services and cyptocurrency for organizations such as the Climate Foundation and Lykke Blue, an exchange for trading constellations of natural capital backed cryptocurrencies.

Passionate about design, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, ecosystem services, regeneration, and the great outdoors he coordinates workshops and supports emergent teams worldwide.

Doors open at 8:00pm; talk starts at 9.00pm.

Drinks will be provided and additional wine can be enjoyed at Maritime below Node.