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Encoding Time on the Blockchain: Anatoly discusses Loom

Node presents the fifth of our weekly crypto events - ANATOLY - Putting Time on Blockchain, featuring Greg Osuri on a fireside chat followed by live DJ sets from our guest DJ, Jason Beahm.

Anatoly is the creator of Loom, a new blockchain architecture based on encoding passage of time as data. Loom is a distributed ledger with a blockchain that can scale over 700,000 transactions per second on a google fiber connection, over 100,000x more transactions per second than Bitcoin. 

Anatoly's programming career started with Agat, the Soviet Apple 2 clone, and led him to eventually work on operating systems at Qualcomm, distributed systems at Mesosphere, and compression at Dropbox. 

Come join us and discuss the technical challenges to scaling blockchain and wax philosophical about a possible future where history is objective and cryptographically verifiable, and we can look back in time and know when events occurred with a millisecond resolution.

Fireside chat featuring Greg Osuri - founder and CEO of Overclock Labs, where he focuses on building a democratized future of cloud infrastructure using protocols and tools to make its foundational elements open, decentralized, and secure.

Previously, Greg founded AngelHack where he was the CTO for the world’s largest hackathon-based accelerator with over 90k developers in the ecosystem and presence in over 50 cities worldwide.

Doors open at 8:00pm; talk starts at 9.00pm.

Drinks will be provided and additional wine can be enjoyed at Maritime below Node.