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Thursday@node: Jean-Loïck, Eradicate poverty with tokenomics

THURSDAYS @ NODE PRESENTS: Jean-Loïck, founder of Serendipia.

- How can tokenomics help to eradicate poverty?

- What are the ways in which you can create social impact using blockchain?

- Why is the future of philanthropy in the blockchain?

Jean-Loïck epitomizes the gravitas and insight of forward thinking, values aligned, activist millennials, who as digital natives, experience the world significantly differently than non-digital natives.

As the founder of Serendipia, a leader in allying regenerative communities and projects worldwide, Jean-Loïck is on the forefront of social ventures, including work in Zimbabwe, Thailand, Dubai and South Africa that are rapidly reshaping business with dramatic effects on how we all live on Mother Gaia.
As a cyrptoeconomist, Jean-Loïck is considered a thought leader by his peers and the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Jean-Loïck, brings his insight and youthful enthusiasm and optimism to all things blockchain, crypto and ICO. His friends call him Jlo.