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Mapping on Blockchain - Creator and CEO of MAP LTD

As we know, an accurate 3D map of the world has purpose beyond safe autonomous vehicle navigation and cross-platform persistent augmented reality content; it can facilitate innovation, democratize the development of location-based applications and services, and establish a transparent reading and writing of our Earth’s information. Mapping on the blockchain is a way for us to restore agency and ownership in the creation and usage of our maps, without third party control or censorship. Community cartography can be unreliable and impractical, but with MAP, community cartography is an easy and intuitive process. Anyone can be part of creating the open map of the future.

Arnaud Dazin is the Creator and Chief Executive Officer of MAP LTD. Arnaud is an engineering architect whose work in video games, healthtech and adtech has garnered him international recognition. He has been at the forefront of free-to-play’s rise for both PC and mobile, most notably as an early employee at mobile games giant Storm8, a network with over a billion downloads and 50 million monthly active users. He has an active interest in software development, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and augmented reality. This deep appreciation for technology fostered a longstanding dream of creating MAP—a decentralized, dynamic distributed layer of the world around us—and compelled him to make his vision a reality. As the CEO of ADVR, Inc., Arnaud leads an existing business towards building a future where digital data can be embedded in virtual and augmented worlds. Arnaud has given international talks in Asia, Europe, and in the USA on scaling products, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

Doors open at 8:00pm; talk starts at 9.00pm.

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