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Blockchain Replacing Trust with Proof. Pierre Wolff from Tierion.

Much of our lives and the systems we depend on have relied on a significant level of trust. However, over time our collective trust in many organizations (be it public, private or governmental) we have been interacting with regularly, has slowly been eroded. Heck, the birth of Bitcoin gets its roots from our collective loss of trust in our monetary systems. While in the political realm trust has always come in short supply, we have reached new heights in distrustful behavior in industry, that shows an apparent deterioration of our system of checks and balances. With the ushering of blockchain technology, we see the ushering in of proof in the form of mathematics and intricate processes as finally a viable piece of the new trust puzzle. We are developing ways to operate where trust is enforced through proving the veracity or quality of data or information. Tierion is playing a small role in this larger ecosystem. 

Pierre Wolff is a 20+ year veteran of Silicon Valley as a business strategist, startup advisor/mentor, and people-connector in the tech industry, who is currently working on several blockchain and cryptocurrency related initiatives in several industries exploring token launches. After 2 years as an advisor, he recently joined the team at Tierion, a company that has created a global platform for anchoring and verifying any data, file or process to the Bitcoin blockchain. There he heads up business and corporate development efforts as well as manages various internal operations functions. Pierre is also a regular participant at various blockchain and cryptocurrency events as a moderator or panelist, discussing regulatory, business model, and technology suitability issues.

Wine will be provided. 

Talk starts at 9pm. Followed by live DJ-sets.