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Crypto Kitten Fundraiser

Join a group of renowned cryptocurrency philanthropists at Node on Thursday, July 19, for a first-of-its-kind Crypto Kitten Fundraiser!

Cat Town, like cryptocurrency, is built on a foundation of innovation. They have programs in place to help other communities understand that more can be done to save cats who appear “unadoptable,” and to help them replicate their success. They reach tens of thousands of people every year, inspiring other rescue organizations to take risks, too. This Crypto Kitten Fundraiser will support Cat Town’s innovative work to help transform how shelters and rescue organizations perceive and help cats — all across the nation.

Cat Town leverages every dollar, so you can be sure your coins will save the lives of actual cats who have no chance without you. 

Donations made directly in crypto will be tax free, and tax forms will be made available for all donations. If you would like tax information, or to make a pledge of cryptocurrency to Cat Town (to be donated before the 2018 year end), please contact Quinn White at 

The evening will include specialty cocktails served out of ceramic kitties, and ACTUAL kittens to play with! Be part of a truly unique celebration to rescue shelter cats in need — and maybe even redeem cryptocurrency’s reputation in the process.

More info below. See you all there!

From Innovation and Wealth Creation to Philanthropy & Community Stewardship:

What started as a noble movement in response to the global financial crisis has evolved into a lucrative business. However, despite many promising projects, the opportunity for wealth creation has ushered in a sea of charlatans, relentlessly peddling garbage and scams. The skepticism and pervasive negative coverage about cryptocurrency is not undeserved.

Building trust with our local communities is a prerequisite for the whole system to move forward and thrive. We must prove that the cryptocurrency movement will harness our innovative technology and wealth creation to give back to our local communities.

This event hopes to be one very small, concrete step in that direction. The cryptokitties craze of 2017-2018 proved that the crypto community will innovate on behalf of, and pay real money for, imaginary internet cats. Can we harness this engagement, wealth, and excitement for real cats in need? Can those who have been fortunate in the world of digital currency lead and contribute to context-based community led development? 

We think we can, and invite your donations of ETH, BTC, ZEC or BTCP to support this cause, with 100% of donations going directly to Cat Town in Oakland.

About Cat Town:

In 2011, 42% of the cats who went into OAS (Oakland Animal Services, the city shelter) never came out — and most of those cats were never even seen by the public. They were so fearful and aggressive that the common belief was no one would want them. But Cat Town founder Ann Dunn and other volunteers at the shelter could see past the hisses, to a cat who was scared — traumatized by the cage, the loud noises, and barking dogs directly across the hall.

Cat Town disrupted the traditional model of a rescue organization. Through a grassroots foster program, they demonstrated that these animals make wonderful companions, and disproved decades of misunderstanding in the animal welfare community. Cat Town went on to establish the first cat cafe in the United States, to present the cats who could not get adopted from the Oakland shelter to adopters in a positive environment, where they would feel safe to be themselves. Today, Cat Town has saved nearly 2,000 cats, and reduced the euthanasia rate for cats at OAS by 70%. 

About Node:

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