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Blockchain for Social Justice

Node and Bitcoin Private are proud to host Daisy Ozim, Founder of Blockchain for Social Justice (B4SJ), and Nika Dahlbacka, who is joining B4SJ as their Head of Advocacy. Join us for an interactive discussion on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency their applications to social justice issues. Cocktails and herbal cocktails will be provided. 


What is Social Justice?

Social justice is the equal distribution of resources and opportunities within a system that is rooted in inequality.

What is B4SJ?

B4SJ are a collective of social justice minded individuals from various sectors coming together to support the development of blockchain projects that serve the most vulnerable.

We believe every blockchain project should be designed to uplift marginalized communities and eliminate the wealth gap, poverty, inter-generational trauma and promote true democracy within unfair institutions. 

The cryptocurrency movement started in response to the global financial crisis and was intended to be a tool of economic sovereignty and wealth redistribution. In order to make sure it is used as such, efforts must be made to reclaim its purpose.