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Kadena | Chainweb Investor Talk - Series C

Join Kadena Founder, Will Martino for a presentation about investing in Kadena and its novel technology Chainweb and Pact. We will dive into the structuring of the company's Series C offering slated for mid-July. There will be lots of time for Q&A. 

Monica Quaintance, Engineering Lead and Marie Leaf, Product Lead will be co-hosting the event. Appetizers and drinks will be served.

This presentation is for accredited investors interested in our financing. Space is limited so please reach out to or to request a seat.


Kadena's founders and technologists are Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino; Stu was the leader of the JP Morgan's Blockchain Emerging Technologies group (link to Fortune profile below), and for 15 years built trading systems and the domain-specific language that JP Morgan traders still use today in execution. Will led development of JPM’s Juno private blockchain, now used by Oracle Labs, and was the founding tech lead of the SEC's Cryptocurrency Steering Committee. 

Kadena is a blockchain company that supports business logic at any grade. For our public network launch, we will be implementing Chainweb, a novel and scalable variation on the only proven public mechanism, Proof-of-Work. For enterprise and private chain use cases, we have a high throughput consensus protocol ScalableBFT.Both protocols come equipped to run Pact, Kadena's simple, human-readable, open-source smart contract language.