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Get Down to Earth with Node and BFlow

Earth Day and Spring are here and it’s time to lighten up, boogie down and celebrate our connection to Mother Nature.

Tune in with BFlow and contemplate how blockchain can help sustainable business and investments be accountable and transparent in the newest membership club in SF. A space to connect and meet likeminded people.

Celebrate core wisdom with Bflow founders and other green minded folk who offer kernels of inspiration, community, and comedy by JLo. Then a little bit of Coin Daddy and AmesEla as the music starts with Node's in-house-DJ, Willaa. 

Doors open at 6:00pm; talk starts at 7.30pm.


Amy Seidman, founder and CEO, & Gary Fitts, cofounder and CTO talk about how BFlow is being designed to track sustainable metrics. They also discuss their approach to building a decentralized systems that crosses global industries; as well as organize self governed third party network. The goal of BFlow is to use the blockchain to create proof of reputation, and to insure accountability on the massive divestment and business in the name of sustainability.

Proceeds are being donated to and so spread the love and plant some trees!

Sliding scale $10-20 - no one turned away for lacking funds. So if your rekt from the latest, shake it off with us and get a good dose of goodness. If you just made another win with the bounce, give back that carbon footprint, support the rainforest, and donate to plant a few trees. 

Join us! Get down to Earth with Bflow & Node,

Amy Seidman, Miriam Lynn McGovern, Jean-loick and YOU.

We are all are in it together! 

BFlow is being designed to make it easy to transact, report and validate UN Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) commitments by companies, governments and financial institutions, and enable trusted third parties to validate these claims. 

BFlow is a member of the Climate Chain Coalition, a UNFCCC partner dedicated to using blockchain to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Gary Fitts is an accomplished and respected computer scientist & technologist, an inventive leader in software architecture, and a demonstrated background launching innovative products into mature industries, including the networking and Financial Services sectors. 

He recently developed climate change models with Lawrence Berkeley Labs, and his claims to fame include multiple startups and technical accomplishments beginning with Tops, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems and also became Apple Share. He is also one of the technical founders for Cybergold which preceded PayPal with 20 million users, He also developed Magna Cash, and Encirq,

Amy Seidman is the founder of BFlow, a blockchain technology company dedicated to creating Proof of Reputation to decentralize sustainable business and investment. As a creative entrepreneur, Amy career encompasses digital media, technology, sustainability, and the arts. Amy initially founded the parent company, Noble Profit, an ecosystem connecting sustainable business driven by media. Her goal is to extend the benefits of BFlow to all and to evolve it into a self governed network.

Her work began as a photographer, published internationally in magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone. Ms. Seidman is an early pioneer of interactive media leading her design firm, Creative Entity, on projects for PacBell, Lotus Software, Sun Microsystems, ValueClick Media, MGM, Warner Brothers, Fox, and Disney. She later founded and