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Understanding the Modern Woman - Communication Tools for Men

Limited space, ADVANCE TICKETS recommended.

In the age of #metoo, skillful communication has never been more relevant or urgent.

Alpha male behavior is still rewarded and celebrated, but a new sensitivity and awareness is emerging. 

HOW DO WE NAVIGATE this together?


*WHAT the hell do I say to women without being offensive?

*How do I navigate being self expressed about the #metoo movement without getting skewered by the women around me?

*If want to ask “her” out or show interest, but not be seen as predatory—WHAT DO I SAY?

*Can I give a compliment at work without being accused of sexual harassment?  

*How should I interact with women in a professional environment? We are equal SO… do I treat them the same way I treat other men?

YOU DON’T have to wonder, we are here to openly ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS.

JOIN US for an evening of INFORMATION, INSPIRATION… and creating MORE PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING between the sexes during tumultuous, changing times.


7:15 COMMUNICATION TOOLS for Modern Men- with communication coach Elizabeth Webb

7:45 Q and A—ask us anything (about what to say to women) WOMEN”S PANEL moderated by
Elizabeth Webb

Betsy Burroughs
Chelsea Rustrum
Daisy Ozim
Elana Polichuk

8:30 Mingle and Connect (we’ll have wine!)

This event is designed to educate men who care, but women are also WELCOME and encouraged to attend.

*We will not be walking on eggshells and do not expect every question or comment to be politically correct. This is an environment of fun and mindful self expression.